Wednesday, February 16

Valentine's Day

Hello Friends!

This was Ryan and my first valentine's day together as a married couple. The last four years we have been together, we have never got to celebrate V-Day together because Ry works at Outback Steakhouse and it would be so so stupid not to work that day (He makes a small fortune...well, not really, but almost!). He didn't have to work this year, however, he had school.
Until ten pm.
I had to work too, but only until eight. So, we decided to celebrate on Sunday...we went to go see "Gnomeo and Juliet". It was cute! We had lots of fun!

BUT, on Valentine's Day, I decided to make Ryan a special dinner and decorate the house. It was perfect because he least expected it!! I was able to clean and decorate the house and get 80% of dinner finished before I had to work. Super easy. I made:

Hearts Salad
Romaine lettuce with balsamic strawberry vinaigrette, whole strawberries and parm cheese

Main Course:
Lobster and Mushroom Alfredo and french bread

Molten Chocolate Lava cakes, Strawberries and Prosecco (Italian Champagne)

This whole meal was so easy to make...the only downside, my kitchen smelled like lobster. Ry was so surprised! And even loved the rose petals on the matter how cliche it was! ;)

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Teenage Bride said...

awwwww you are such a great wife!!! That was really sweet and the dinner sounds fantastic!

Jessica said...

We had chocolate lava cake too! It was AMAZING. I'm thinking of posting the recipe soon. It was drool-worthy. :D

Ashley said...

I just came across your blog while blog hopping... and I noticed you live in Michigan. I grew up in MI but live in Colorado now. I miss the water!

Your Valentine's Day dinner sounded amazing by the way. We cooked lobster one night and it smelled 'fishy' for a few days haha.

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