Wednesday, February 2

30 DBC- Day 25

*Your day-in great detail*

This challenge is getting a little stalkerish...first asking general questions about me, now it's asking where I live and my day in detail. But, because I love you guys, I will comply...

7:00- Wake up
7:45- Leave for work
8:00- Arrive at work and start playing with Matt and Tyler (the boys I nanny)
8:30- Matt leaves for school (he walks) and Ty and I (after giving him breakfast) go downstairs to play, destroy and watch 'clus-clus' (Blue's Clues)
11:45- Feed Ty lunch
12:15- NAP TIME (for me too...:) )
3:30- Get Ty up from nap, my lunch time and prepare for Matt coming home
3:50- Matt is home, snack for him and Ty, homework time.
4:30 Entertain Matt and keep Ty happy too!
5:30- The dad gets home, say goodbye for the day and go home to Toby (Ry and I work exact opposite shifts, including weekends!)
6:00- Let Toby out, play with him, get myself dinner and veg out/run errands/do crafts/clean/whatever else
11:00- Ry gets home! Warm up leftovers for him, he eats and then we spend time together!
1:30- Bed Time for me and Toby!

As you can see, I don't really have a 'normal' schedule, and this is fine with me, except not seeing my husband. I can't stand this most days, it makes me so sad. So, I was going to tell you guys on FRIDAY, but, this post needs a happy ending.....

:) Actually-I got two!

This is bittersweet, but it will be a good thing in the end. I will be working more of Ryan's schedule, and I can go back to school to finish my degree! Friday is my last day, and I start my new one on saturday! I am so excited for this opportunity to grow, and I know good things are going to come.

So, do you guys wanna know where I'm working?

Let me start at the beginning...About a month ago, Ry and I sat down and re-evaluated our 'future' plan. This meant me getting a new job so I could go back to school (as you can see, I really couldn't with the hours I'm working). So, the job search started. I told the people I nanny for and they started looking for a  new girl. A week later, I had an interview and they had scheduled a 'working interview' with a girl they liked. On Monday, I come back to work to find out that they had offered the girl a job, and she was starting in two weeks. Which means I don't have a job in two weeks. Shoot. So after calling Ryan (who had been telling me to pray and pray some more about it and give it up to God truly) and talking to him and praying with him, I felt better.  That night, I get a call saying that they were going to offer me the job! :) YEA! They were only offering me very, very part time, but something is better than nothing!
So since I got this job, I figured I would settle in and find another very part time job so the two combined would meet our income needs. Well, the next day, I receive another phone call from a place I applied to last year! They offer me an interview that night, and then offer me a job on the spot! I'm so happy as I write this! God knew, and all I had to do was give it up to Him. So, without making you wait any longer I am now....

An associate at Bath and Body Works


A Barista at a local coffee shop and bakery!

How much fun is this going to be?!?
I can't wait...


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Jessica said...

I'm so glad you'll be able to see more of your husband, that's great! Congratulations girl! Hope you love your jobs. :)

Teenage Bride said...

Congrats on the jobs I am sooo excited for you!!!

Geez I cannot believe you are abel to stay up til 1:30 ... we are so in bed by 10 hahaha

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