Saturday, March 26

This time of year reminds me of....

Winter camping!

Yea, the hubs and I (before we were the hubs and I) went winter camping one year. It was cold (try -4 at night!), but actually really beautiful. I would do it again for sure. The best part about it is the fact that your water is always cold! :) Anyways, these are from November 2008...ENJOY!

(P.S. this post is a little photo heavy!)

Driving to the middle of nowhere...

Finally arrived...

Getting ready to depart!

All ready to go!


Sunsets are so beautiful on the lake...But look at the snow! :(

So, after walking all day, we make camp on a little hill were we eat canned food warmed by a fire.

One bad thing about winter camping: the snow on the bottom of your pants melt from your body heat and then freeze from the cold leaving frozen pant bottoms. And you thought that wet ones were bad! Good thing-having a hubby that will defrost and warm your pants on the fire. Haha!

Another good thing....

And another....

He still loves me. :)

Thursday, March 24


So, random post I know....

Back in January, when it was freezing cold outside (o wait, it still is....urrgh), I decided to start crocheting again. But, what to crochet? Scarves for Toby of course!

Tobys new scarf
Seriously? How cute is he?

Don't judge. You know it melts your heart.  :)


Monday, March 21

A Day at the Museum...

Where the Hubs and I live, there is an awesome Museum. Seriously, it's been around for over 100 years. We used to take field trips to go see it when we were little and we still love to go visit it when it has a great exhibit. Well, friends, it has a great exhibit. I'm sure you've heard of the world-known "Bodies Revealed". It's here. In my hometown. Cue date night....

Outside our Museum

Bodies revealed
Poster of the event. No photos were allowed in the exhibit

No trip to the museum would be complete with out a ride on the original  Carousel!


Cutie Hubs

The exhibit was phenomenal. I love every minute of it. It's so fascinating...the bodies don't look like real bodies until you see little clues. It's hard to forget they were living and breathing people, but then you see hair or some other little clue. I'm pretty sure I said something along the lines of "I want my bodie donated to science so I can be in this exhibit" twenty times to the hubsters. :) If you ever have a chance to go see it, go! It's awesome.  TO find out more information....go here!

So, that's it. I had to work after our day trip....but we had a great afternoon spent together!

Thursday, March 17


So sorry to keep you in suspense.....Crazy Terrible day yesterday (yes, I meant to capitalize that, it was THAT bad!)

But, anyways, on to the good stuff....

O, What is this?

Smells NICE! And looks pretty...

Dark Kiss.....because the winner is......

Carrie Leigh Ann at Beauty and Thrift!

Congrats Girl!!! This lovely little package is going to be coming your way!
Please email me your address! :)

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway! This was really fun, I need to do this more often! :)

Tuesday, March 15

Attention everyone!

My giveaway ends on Wednesday, so if you haven't entered yet---

You should!

That is all.


Saturday, March 5


So, as you all know, I work and love BBW. It's awesome. The body wash is so clean and foamy, the lotions are so moisturizing and the body sprays are so light and airy and perfect for anything (I even have a little one I spray in my car!). All together, it's the perfect combination. And, if you love bbw products as much as I do (or you have never tried them....p.s. where have you BEEN?), today is your lucky day! I'm giving away a set of minis!

Minis are so super cute, and they are what I always recommend to people. They are perfect sized for travel (i.e. the spray fits perfectly in your purse) and they are perfect for trying new scents (or, if you're like me and have a million things, you can never make it through the full size before you find a new scent obsession!).

These are my four will love them!

1- Dark Kiss

Dark Kiss is amazing. It is my to-go scent when I'm not sure what I'm feeling like. It's "a seductive blend of voluptuous berries, tempting blooms and night musk" (BBW). To me, it's sweet and fruity, but it has an under scent that is hard to put my finger on. It doesn't really smell 'musky' to me, but maybe it's just because I tend to stay away from that word... Seriously, this one is amazing and my favorite.

2- Forever Sunshine

Forever Sunshine is an unsung hero. It didn't do that well when it first came out, and it still sits in the shadows. However, it's my second favorite of all time. It's warm....'a fresh blend of golden apricot, pink peonies and a hint of praline that captures the romance of warm days that linger into cool autumn. ' (BBW). It reminds me of the end of it's a perfect description. It's 'modern' and awesome in winter when you need that warm and cozy-ness. I love it....if you haven't tried it, do so!

3- Apricot Vanilla

Apricot Vanilla is so great. I actually just discovered it, and then wondered why it took me so long! It's has the warmth of vanilla and the sweetness of juicy apricots. It's simple, but amazing. It's clean and not heavy, I love the body wash in this scent!

4- Carried Away

Carried Away is the newest scent released by BBW. It is a 'whimsical blend of lush raspberries,  white jasmine and whipped vanilla.' (as quoted by BBW) To me, it is sweet and clean. I love it for spring or early summer.  And the packaging is SO CUTE!

So, what I'm giving away....

One 3 oz Body Wash, Lotion and Body Spray of one of the previously listed scents (you can choose which one you would like) and a small bath poof (just for fun!). The carried away photo is the 3 oz size.


You can enter a total of three times (please leave a separate comment for each entry)
1- Comment here, on this post and tell me which scent you would like if you win
2-If you are a follower of my blog (newbie or old friend)
3- You post about this giveaway on your blog (please include the link in the comment)

So that's it! I will announce the winner Wednesday, March 16 around noon. Good Luck!


*These views are mine and do not reflect Limited Brands in any way, shape or form.*