Sunday, February 6

30 DBC- Day 29

*my hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days*

Right now- I really, really want to figure out how to make coffee. I'm totally sucking at learning, there is so much to learn and people are so picky about how they take their coffee! We had one lady come in and ask to have her coffee aprox. 120 degrees. O dear. I have to go suck at working and screw up everyone's coffee work tomorrow. Blah....

In the near future- I'm excited to plant my flowers and finally start taking Toby for longer walks and not freeze. 

This summer- I'm letting you know right now, you are going to find me at the beach this summer. Last summer, I was so busy with wedding and work that I hardly ever made it. Not this year. I'm spending the entire summer in my bathing suit and loving it. And when I'm not in my bathing suit, you can find me in my sundresses and giant sunglasses. 

This fall- My favorite thing to do in the fall is buy cardigans and scarves. I'm a huge cardi and scarf fan, and I have way to many of them (is there such a thing?) says my hubby. But I'm very excited to buy some new ones and rock them out with my skinny jeans and flats.

This winter- I want to make sure that I have my christmas cards done by Thanksgiving. I didn't this year, and I sent them out the week of Christmas! Oops. But they were cute.... :)

I think this can be summed up saying that I just want to enjoy my year! I really enjoyed 2010, but a lot of it was taking with the wedding (although the honeymoon was fantastic!) so this next year, I want to enjoy it!! 

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Teenage Bride said...

I can;t wait to plant flowers this year!!!!

Jessica said...

Planning/having a wedding seems to put life on hold doesn't it?! I'm with you, this year, I'm doing fun things and getting stuff accomplished!! :D

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