Sunday, February 27

Giveaway....To come soon!

The title says it all....

I'm just writing this post so that I make sure I do this! Kinda like a 'virtual' reminder...

So stay's a good one!

Hint: It's something found where I work. So if you are a bloggity friend, you should now have a pretty good idea. :)


Thursday, February 24


Friends, You all have been so busy! It took me forever to catch up on your blogs! But, I love it! :)

SO, there really is not too much that is new. I am working A TON, but I love it. My hours and Ry's hours match a little bit better and the best part is....wait for it....I don't have to get up early!!! I am not a morning person at all and now, the earliest I get up is like 8, and that's only like twice a week. If I do get up at 8, I am done with work around one or so...not 5 or 6. It is so so awesome. I love it. I've also added up how much free product I've received from BBW and it's almost over $50. Seriously. Total LOVE.

Anyways, Ryan and I have just discovered the TV show "How I Met Your Mother". We feel in love. It's like Friends had a baby with Two and A Half Men. If you haven't watched it, you need to. It's one of those shows that there are always re-runs on Lifetime or Channel 15 on my tv (sorry-vague. shoot.) Well, we just watched one episode, and friends, it made me cry. It was so sweet and lovely. I know, it's a tv show...but, it happens, ok?


It was the one where Lily and Marshall get married. Lily is super drunk because all she's had to eat the entire day is champagne. So, before the hotel they stop at a fast food joint to get something to eat. Funny part is....the guy taking their order thinks that they just came from the prom. THIS EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO US! We were at the hotel checking in and the lady thought we just had our prom. Back to the show.  The fast food guy sees Lily throwing up, and tells Marshall that "his wife" is throwing up in the trash can. Marshall has a this is "my wife" moment and cue the tears. 

I have one of those moments all the time. I feel like in daily life, it's so hard to slow down and think about the blessings I have been given. On our honeymoon, Ryan and I decided to live our new life together with the slogan "No Regrets". No matter what life throws at us, we'll live no thinking about what could have been or what we could have done. I think this could mean that we should live like there is no tomorrow-because we never know when our last day is. 

So, live with no regrets friends!  And enjoy thirsty thursday...I know there is a drink with my name on it. :)


Wednesday, February 16

Valentine's Day

Hello Friends!

This was Ryan and my first valentine's day together as a married couple. The last four years we have been together, we have never got to celebrate V-Day together because Ry works at Outback Steakhouse and it would be so so stupid not to work that day (He makes a small fortune...well, not really, but almost!). He didn't have to work this year, however, he had school.
Until ten pm.
I had to work too, but only until eight. So, we decided to celebrate on Sunday...we went to go see "Gnomeo and Juliet". It was cute! We had lots of fun!

BUT, on Valentine's Day, I decided to make Ryan a special dinner and decorate the house. It was perfect because he least expected it!! I was able to clean and decorate the house and get 80% of dinner finished before I had to work. Super easy. I made:

Hearts Salad
Romaine lettuce with balsamic strawberry vinaigrette, whole strawberries and parm cheese

Main Course:
Lobster and Mushroom Alfredo and french bread

Molten Chocolate Lava cakes, Strawberries and Prosecco (Italian Champagne)

This whole meal was so easy to make...the only downside, my kitchen smelled like lobster. Ry was so surprised! And even loved the rose petals on the matter how cliche it was! ;)

Thursday, February 10


So, I love my jobs.

It's so great. I see Ryan ALL THE TIME. It feels like the time that we both dropped out of college for a semester (Yes, we both dropped out. We were super burned out and life was not going the way we planned and we needed a break to figure out what was going on). Today, I got to clean and make dinner and sleep in AND see Ryan this afternoon. Life is pretty good right now. :)

With Valentine's Day being on monday, and I have to work this weekend, I decided to figure out what Ry and I are going to do. We like to do something as a couple rather than he buy me chocolate and flowers and that's it. So, we decided that I'm going to make Ryan dinner (I have an awesome menu planned!) and he's going to take me to a movie (I think Gnomeo and Juliet. I love animated movies and gnomes....haha). It should be a fun V-Day! What are your plans for the day?

Monday, February 7

30 DBC- Day 30

This is the end, my friends! I made it! Yipee!

SO, the last prompt is what are my plans for the rest of my life.

Well, I intend to spend the remainder of my life with Ryan. I would love to finish school and get my nursing degree. I'm leaning towards OB-GYN nursing, but we'll see! I would love to buy a house with him and have boy, one girl and then a set of twins. We have talked about names already....and there is a good chance we will have twins (Ryan's gramps on his mom side is a twin, Ry's uncle on his dad's side is a twin and my mom is a twin, so even if it skips a generation or is just on one side, we're covered! :) ) If we can't have kids for some reason, we're going to buy a farmhouse, re-do it and get a lot of doggies.

But, of course, things don't go how you plan, and who knows what the future holds!?!

So, I promised you photos on day 10, so here it is....or they are! I figured I owed you more than one since it's been awhile....

I was almost three

Five. For Easter

Seven. I was a princess for Halloween

Nine. I am a rollerblading phenomenon.

And, I found this one of my Wishbone doggie when she was a puppy. Aww!

SO, my plans for the blog is to be an 'update-what's going on'/recipes/crafts(fabric earring tutorial coming)/recaps of my honeymoon (I never did that!)/and anything else you guys what to hear. Let me know!! :)

Sunday, February 6

30 DBC- Day 29

*my hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days*

Right now- I really, really want to figure out how to make coffee. I'm totally sucking at learning, there is so much to learn and people are so picky about how they take their coffee! We had one lady come in and ask to have her coffee aprox. 120 degrees. O dear. I have to go suck at working and screw up everyone's coffee work tomorrow. Blah....

In the near future- I'm excited to plant my flowers and finally start taking Toby for longer walks and not freeze. 

This summer- I'm letting you know right now, you are going to find me at the beach this summer. Last summer, I was so busy with wedding and work that I hardly ever made it. Not this year. I'm spending the entire summer in my bathing suit and loving it. And when I'm not in my bathing suit, you can find me in my sundresses and giant sunglasses. 

This fall- My favorite thing to do in the fall is buy cardigans and scarves. I'm a huge cardi and scarf fan, and I have way to many of them (is there such a thing?) says my hubby. But I'm very excited to buy some new ones and rock them out with my skinny jeans and flats.

This winter- I want to make sure that I have my christmas cards done by Thanksgiving. I didn't this year, and I sent them out the week of Christmas! Oops. But they were cute.... :)

I think this can be summed up saying that I just want to enjoy my year! I really enjoyed 2010, but a lot of it was taking with the wedding (although the honeymoon was fantastic!) so this next year, I want to enjoy it!! 

Saturday, February 5

30 DBC- Day 28

*What's in my handbag?*

Ok, let's see....

-Iphone 4 (it's sweet. Get one!)
-Make-up (one eyeshadow, lipgloss/lipstick, mascara (black and royal blue-you put it on our bottom eyelashes...makes your eyes look big and the whites look bright!), foundation and eyeliner).
-Excedrin (I'm know for getting omg-super-fun-spur-of-the-moment migraines)
-Contact case
-Extra hair clip, bobbies and hair tie
-Bath and Body Works products (they were there before I worked there!). I have Dark Kiss mini lotion (which is amazing!!!), fresh lime basil antibac and white cherry blossom body splash. I love, love, love these! So convenient.*

Well, that's it. Ok, not totally it, I also have some gummy bears I just bought today. I know, I'm terrible. But their little colorful gummy faces were pleading at me to buy them and eat them! I couldn't say no to those little faces.

*These are my opinions and do not reflect Limited Brands or Bath and Body Works company*

Friday, February 4

30 DBC- Day 27

*my worse habit* I'm a little bit of a slug. Well, Ryan says a lot a bit of a slug. I leave messes everywhere! I can't help it, I mean, I'm sorry I'm just too excited to move on to the next whatever that I forget to clean up what I just destroyed. Oops. I always tell Ryan that this is why I got married-so he could clean up after me. And it's not that I hate cleaning, I actually like it, it's just I absent-mindedly leave cups of water or ten time warmed up coffee or blankets strewn or damp towels everywhere!

I'll get better....I promise! :)

P.S. You should all be so proud of me that I'm writing this post. I just worked my last 8-530 nannying day, and then got called from BBW, so I went in there for a few hours and just got home-sooo tired. And, I have to get up early tomorrow so I can start training for the coffee house in the morning.....o dear. It's going to be a long weekend! But I'm happy!

Thursday, February 3

Snowpocalpyse 2011

As I'm sure a ton of you know, many of the states got hit pretty hard with snow yesterday. Michigan got almost two feet in 24 hours. But, where we live, there were terrible drifts everywhere! Ry and I both got to stay home from our jobs and school and spend the entire day together! It was amazing. We were unable to drive anywhere, but we did take a walk with Tobers! Enjoy the photos....and I'm very jealous of anyone who's in weather above 10 degrees!

Yes, that is our house. If you look to the right of the bay window, you can see the top of our decorative tree. Shoot.

The drifts are up to our neighbors side door. And those Arborvitaes are four feet tall. 

Toby loves the snow!

And cuddle time after playing in the snow! :)

P.S. What do you think of the new layout? I needed a change! :)


30 DBC- Day 26

*my week-in great detail*

Well, Monday-Friday, you just repeat yesterday's post. But, on the weekends, I see Ryan for a few hours (he goes to work around 2) so we normally have breakfast together. Then, I get to hang out with TOBY all day. We sometimes go to my parents or Ryan's parents for dinner, and I get to get caught up on seeing friends and running errands or cleaning that I didn't get to do during the week. I really don't have a 'schedule' that I follow. It's just whatever I feel like. However, this schedule is going to change dramatically as of Friday night! As I mentioned yesterday, I'm going to be starting two new exciting! So my schedule is going to be working some mornings 6-12, then working 3-8 on some days. Not every day, but some days I will probably be working both. I really don't know though, I'm kinda just going to see what happens! :)

Wednesday, February 2

30 DBC- Day 25

*Your day-in great detail*

This challenge is getting a little stalkerish...first asking general questions about me, now it's asking where I live and my day in detail. But, because I love you guys, I will comply...

7:00- Wake up
7:45- Leave for work
8:00- Arrive at work and start playing with Matt and Tyler (the boys I nanny)
8:30- Matt leaves for school (he walks) and Ty and I (after giving him breakfast) go downstairs to play, destroy and watch 'clus-clus' (Blue's Clues)
11:45- Feed Ty lunch
12:15- NAP TIME (for me too...:) )
3:30- Get Ty up from nap, my lunch time and prepare for Matt coming home
3:50- Matt is home, snack for him and Ty, homework time.
4:30 Entertain Matt and keep Ty happy too!
5:30- The dad gets home, say goodbye for the day and go home to Toby (Ry and I work exact opposite shifts, including weekends!)
6:00- Let Toby out, play with him, get myself dinner and veg out/run errands/do crafts/clean/whatever else
11:00- Ry gets home! Warm up leftovers for him, he eats and then we spend time together!
1:30- Bed Time for me and Toby!

As you can see, I don't really have a 'normal' schedule, and this is fine with me, except not seeing my husband. I can't stand this most days, it makes me so sad. So, I was going to tell you guys on FRIDAY, but, this post needs a happy ending.....

:) Actually-I got two!

This is bittersweet, but it will be a good thing in the end. I will be working more of Ryan's schedule, and I can go back to school to finish my degree! Friday is my last day, and I start my new one on saturday! I am so excited for this opportunity to grow, and I know good things are going to come.

So, do you guys wanna know where I'm working?

Let me start at the beginning...About a month ago, Ry and I sat down and re-evaluated our 'future' plan. This meant me getting a new job so I could go back to school (as you can see, I really couldn't with the hours I'm working). So, the job search started. I told the people I nanny for and they started looking for a  new girl. A week later, I had an interview and they had scheduled a 'working interview' with a girl they liked. On Monday, I come back to work to find out that they had offered the girl a job, and she was starting in two weeks. Which means I don't have a job in two weeks. Shoot. So after calling Ryan (who had been telling me to pray and pray some more about it and give it up to God truly) and talking to him and praying with him, I felt better.  That night, I get a call saying that they were going to offer me the job! :) YEA! They were only offering me very, very part time, but something is better than nothing!
So since I got this job, I figured I would settle in and find another very part time job so the two combined would meet our income needs. Well, the next day, I receive another phone call from a place I applied to last year! They offer me an interview that night, and then offer me a job on the spot! I'm so happy as I write this! God knew, and all I had to do was give it up to Him. So, without making you wait any longer I am now....

An associate at Bath and Body Works


A Barista at a local coffee shop and bakery!

How much fun is this going to be?!?
I can't wait...


Tuesday, February 1

30 DBC- Day 24

*Where you live*

Not to be too in-depth, I live in a fairly large city in Michigan. I've lived here my entire life, and I love it. There are nothing like Michigan falls and days at Lake Michigan-only a 45 minute drive!

Some fun Michigan facts:

*We have singing sand on one of our local beaches. The sand is so fine, it makes a squeaking noise when you walk on it

*You are never more than six miles from one of Michigan's 11,000 inland lakes or 36,000 miles of streams.

*Kellogg Company was founded in Battle Creek, Mi.

*Madonna, Tim Allen, President Gerald Ford, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Robin Williams, Tom Selleck and Stevie Wonder are all from Michigan.

*The first "soda" pop was created by accident in Detroit-Vernor's Ginger Ale in 1866.

*The bridge spanning five miles between the Lower Peninsula and Upper Peninsula, The Mackinac Bridge (pronounced "Mack-i-naw") is one of the world's largest suspended bridges.

*The Great Lakes account for one fifth of the World's surface fresh water.

*Michigan touches four of the five great lakes (HOMES-Huron, Ontario, Lake Michigan, Erie and Superior) which are the largest group of fresh water lakes in the world.

Plus, Michigan is the only place you can find this happy face:


Fun facts found here: