Friday, September 24

{Ceremony Part 2}

Here's part two of our ceremony. Hopefully, I'll have a third part for you (from a different photographer) soon, but enjoy for now! :)

Our cutie flower girls. Ashley (left) is my cousin and Emma (right) is Ryan's cousin. Remember the dresses?

My dad and I. 
(p.s Hello Flowerboobs!)

"Who gives this woman away?"
"Her mother and I"
(p.s....(another) My family joked so many times to my dad that he had to say, "Her mother and I". My grandpa told my parent's pastor, "My mother and I" on accident. Oops!)

My dad first went to shake Ryan's hand and ended up smacking him on the cheek and made the 'I'm watching you'  motion to him before kissing my cheek. It was really funny, and only after watching our wedding video, I found out that ALL the boys did something silly to Ryan as they were coming down the isle (Wade tickled Ry, Nick punched him-not really hard, and Garrett tried to kiss him-ahhh!).

Our pretty tree again!

Saying our vows
Our pastor was actually Ryan's uncle and my K-6 superintendent. Small world, huh?

The guys looking 'cool' in 90 something degree weather

Beautiful Girlies

Our ring bear-my little brother, Nate.
He was really nervous, and he was sick the rehearsal night, but he did so awesome!

Our first kiss as a Married Couple!


Here comes our bridal party...Stassia and Garrett

Beth and Nick

Lindz and Wade

Ring bear, Nate

Flower Girls, Ashley and Emma

Up next-Receiving Line and Getaway

Thursday, September 23

{Ceremony Part 1}

Here's a very small preview of our ceremony site. We had a friend take some photographs of the wedding site and ceremony too, and I like hers just as much as our professional photographer's photos! It's kind of cool to see the different styles too. Anyways, I was hoping to have both of their pictures when I did this post (that's why it's been so long!) but, I will just work with what I have for now! So...Enjoy part one! :)

Our ceremony site. I love the giant tree on the river.

What's in the tree, you ask? Well, remember this post?

We had the most beautiful string quartet. It was so lovely.

Friends and Family fill the chairs while....

...The bridal party gets nervous!

Beautiful greenery!

That's all I have for you today friends! Stay tuned, there's so much more coming!

Monday, September 6

{Mr. and Mrs.}

At this time, we weren't Mr and Mrs, but that's ok! :)
Here are some pictures of just us two...I know I say this a lot, but I love these ones!

I love that you can see our wedding site in the background.