Saturday, February 5

30 DBC- Day 28

*What's in my handbag?*

Ok, let's see....

-Iphone 4 (it's sweet. Get one!)
-Make-up (one eyeshadow, lipgloss/lipstick, mascara (black and royal blue-you put it on our bottom eyelashes...makes your eyes look big and the whites look bright!), foundation and eyeliner).
-Excedrin (I'm know for getting omg-super-fun-spur-of-the-moment migraines)
-Contact case
-Extra hair clip, bobbies and hair tie
-Bath and Body Works products (they were there before I worked there!). I have Dark Kiss mini lotion (which is amazing!!!), fresh lime basil antibac and white cherry blossom body splash. I love, love, love these! So convenient.*

Well, that's it. Ok, not totally it, I also have some gummy bears I just bought today. I know, I'm terrible. But their little colorful gummy faces were pleading at me to buy them and eat them! I couldn't say no to those little faces.

*These are my opinions and do not reflect Limited Brands or Bath and Body Works company*

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Jessica said...

Mmmm gummy bears! They're a staple. I don't blame you. ;)

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