Monday, February 7

30 DBC- Day 30

This is the end, my friends! I made it! Yipee!

SO, the last prompt is what are my plans for the rest of my life.

Well, I intend to spend the remainder of my life with Ryan. I would love to finish school and get my nursing degree. I'm leaning towards OB-GYN nursing, but we'll see! I would love to buy a house with him and have boy, one girl and then a set of twins. We have talked about names already....and there is a good chance we will have twins (Ryan's gramps on his mom side is a twin, Ry's uncle on his dad's side is a twin and my mom is a twin, so even if it skips a generation or is just on one side, we're covered! :) ) If we can't have kids for some reason, we're going to buy a farmhouse, re-do it and get a lot of doggies.

But, of course, things don't go how you plan, and who knows what the future holds!?!

So, I promised you photos on day 10, so here it is....or they are! I figured I owed you more than one since it's been awhile....

I was almost three

Five. For Easter

Seven. I was a princess for Halloween

Nine. I am a rollerblading phenomenon.

And, I found this one of my Wishbone doggie when she was a puppy. Aww!

SO, my plans for the blog is to be an 'update-what's going on'/recipes/crafts(fabric earring tutorial coming)/recaps of my honeymoon (I never did that!)/and anything else you guys what to hear. Let me know!! :)

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Leanna said...

Awww, your princess outfit is so cute! And I love those elbow/knee pads.... I always thought I was too cool to wear those until I fell and skinned myself! :)
Cute blog! I'm following.

Jessica said...

You roller blading machine you! Don't fall like I did this weekend. ;)

You were adorable as a kid!

Teenage Bride said...

great photos!

I like your plan, it is so fun to see what life hold for you though, sometimes all of your plans work out great and other times you end up taking a completely different path.

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