Friday, August 20

{One on One}

We had an awesome bridal party. Seriously, the best party in the world. They made everything so much fun, and it was like a big celebration for us on our big day. Everyone pretty much grew up together/knew each other, and I'm sure that's what did it. We had such a great day, and some of the credit goes to them! We love you all!!

First, MOH Stassia!

You are amazing.

Bethany (Beth)!

She is a beautiful person.

SIL Lindsay

So cute, so great. 

Ryan's Best Man, Garrett

Such an interesting guy, 
we've had our ups and downs, but I can honestly say I see him as a friend.

Groomsman, Wade

There's never a dull moment with Wade!

Groomsman, Nick

He is one of our closest friends as a couple. We've been through a lot together (Nick and I went K-12 together!) and he is truly an amazing guy.

I'll say it again, we had such a great day and we love you all so much!

Sunday, August 15

{Group Love-Part 2}

We did two sessions of group shots/bride and groom shots in two different locations. Check out my previous post for the first of the group shots and the post before that for the first session of Ryan and I. We all got loaded up in cars and drove to our second location. These ones are my favorite! Here they are!!






Pretty epic





I love this


What did I tell you....pretty good, huh?

Wednesday, August 11


Today is my Birthday! The big 2-1! I'm not really a big drinker, I never have been, nor do I see myself being one, however, I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited to order fruity pretty drinks at restaurants. After breakfast in bed, Ryan and I are planning on going to the beach today and then we're going out to eat-my choice. I think we might go out for drinks a little bit later at night (it really depends how we feel after the beach all day or if we want to go to the drive-in movie after sunset), and I have been eyeing this one....

I've read really mixed reviews about the restaurant, however,  I don't think I could turn down and outdoor fireplace, Grand Rapids skyline, and Stoli Orange Vodka soaked raspberries. Yum! It's at the Grand Woods Lounge downtown Grand Rapids, Mi.

I will for sure let you know how it is! :)

Also, I can't wait to show you my birthday surprise...Ryan let me have it a little bit early! I LOVE it. 

Monday, August 9

Group Love, Part 1

We did several amazing group shots in two very awesome locations. One location was at the park we were getting married and where we did our first look and the other, well, you'll have to stay tuned! :)

I love flipping between the black and white photos and the color ones. The colors are so amazing and vibrant! I love how the girls dresses turned out and the guys look so spiffy. Honestly, it was 89 degrees and 100% humidity and these guys were such troopers! We were outside for quite a bit and they were all melting. The girls were fine and so happy I chose chiffon for their short dresses, but the men had on three piece black suits. Yuck. At least my dress was silk so it was a little bit cooler!

Here is part one!

We love each other

These are definitely worth clicking and making larger!

MOH's hair...haha

Me with the fellas

Ry with the gals

Running on the bridge. I wasn't sure how these would turn out (umm....strapless dress minus the bra...) but I was actually quite pleased!

This one always makes me want to say...Peek-a-Boo!

Love this one. I can totally see it on our wall.

Wednesday, August 4


After our First Look, we did a few 'Us' shots before the bridal party joined us. (To tell you the truth, they were watching us from a vehicle not too far away...they wanted to jump in on the fun!) We took our first by the river, and then we walked to this beautiful covered bridge to take a few more of just us. Feel free to click on the images to make them bigger-they look way better when they are larger (not that they look bad small)! Here they are!

Love my veil in this one. 

Veil by esty seller abusymother