Sunday, January 31

My Best Friend's Bachelorette

My MOH, my best friend, and my sister (not literally) is getting married. In six days, she will go from Miss to Mrs...And I couldn't be happier for her. I had the privilege of throwing her bachelorette with her sister, and if I do say so, we threw a super fun (dry) bachelorette party! 

We got a sub from subway and chips and pop...nothing complex, but it was later at night, so we figured everyone already ate. We played some really fun games with some really good friends. All around, it was just really fun!

P.S. Sorry all the photos are so small!
Bride to Be!

Me and Stash gettin our groove on!                Stassia showing off her lovely costume

Panty game-best game ever. Stash got 17 pairs of new undies.


We played 'Crepe Paper Lingerie' since both of Stassia's Bridal Showers did not include 'Toilet Paper Wedding Dress'

Finished sporting the pink garter...

And what's a Bachelorette without a toilet paper broom relay?

Tuesday, January 26

(500) Days of Summer

Seriously, if you haven't seen it, see it.

It's brilliant, it's sad, it's amazing...

The Bridesmaids Dresses...


I am so so happy with them. I would have these horrible dreams that the color would not be my beautiful purple-raspberry color, and instead they would be pink. Or magenta. I am very particular about my purples, you see, and the idea that it's not right would make me panic ( I promise, I'm not a control freak at all, but...). So my MOH (who's getting married herself in 12 DAYS!) went with me to pick them up and we had such a good time. However, the main reason we went to the store was to re-try on my dress. I have been having serious second thoughts, and I know this happens to everyone, but, looking back on my dress, it had features that I did not love. And, going to the bridal shop confirmed my fears. So, I am in search of a new dress. In five months. No big's totally doable. And even more fun the second time around...:)

On a happier note, Ryan and I went to figure out suits today. We didn't figure out a final decision, however, we did figure out what we like and what we don't. We want a suit for his guys in a very light pinstripe like this:

And possibly a solid black suit for Ryan, just to make him stand out a little more. Since we're having an outdoor wedding, we really want to go with suits instead of tuxes.  We have decided that we want a two button suit like the pinstripe above instead of a three button like the one below:

We had also thought about having grey suits, but we think that we would like black better.  But we did find a style of vest in our exact color at men's warehouse, and the pattern is very beautiful (they even have a really nice white one for Ry). They actually rent out just the vests and ties,  but they do not rent out suits. So we just need to find a place that rents out suits, and we'll be all set! It was a very good trip and lots of fun.

Any advice as far as a dress or suits?

Wednesday, January 20

I won!

Hey there!
I won an AWESOME 4 piece Calphalon utensil set from Stephanie over at Love&Lace. Her blog is so great, filled with amazing styles and inspiration pieces. Go check it out!! And a BIG thank you to Stephanie!!! (Now, I can take this off my registry! Yea!!)

Monday, January 18

Hard's Day's Night...

....and I've been working like a dog.

So many hours...

On a more positive note, he future hubs and I have been doing marriage counseling, which has been going very well. We are going through this book, which for the life of me I cannot remember the name right now, that's kinda fun. We do it at separate times, and I love it when Ry goes first (it's way more fun to read his answers when he doesn't know what I think first). The good thing about this is that we are talking and learning so much more than we knew before about ourselves and each other. I mean, when you've been dating for three plus years,  from 17-20, you would think that you would know EVERYTHING about the other. But, alas, you don't. And, the other day, we got into a very silly and pointless fight (which, I don't know what was more frustrating, the reason we were fighting or the very fact that we were fighting) and Ryan actually said, and I quote, "Now, the marriage book said that we should give each other some time to calm down and collect our thoughts otherwise we will just keep going around in circles. But I want you to remember that I love you." Awwwww.......I think my heart melted, and I gave him a hug and said I was sorry. I think most of the frustration I feel when I fight can be solved when I feel loved.

After all, all you need is love, right?

Thursday, January 14


So, I have a confession.

Ryan and I have been engaged for 4 months, and we have yet to finish our guest list.

The word "finish" is being polite.

We haven't really even started.


I mean, we have the few people that MUST come, like people in our wedding, and the people who are close to us, but the others, nope. No addresses, no organization, no A and B list.

We do have a number that we want to stay around, and we did a really rough count, and it is definitely do-able, so we don't have to worry about hurting too many people's feelings. But I really think that this is why I haven't done it. All of the other wedding stuff is fun and enjoyable. But cutting friends and family out of our wedding isn't. Ryan and I both want a smaller wedding (100 people), but in order to have a smaller wedding, it means you have to have less guests.

I need help! How do I start...?

Wednesday, January 6

Food, Inc.

Ryan and I love watching documentaries together. We started dating after going out to coffee and talking about 'hot topics', very controversial issues. We both love playing the devil's advocate and figuring out what we think about subjects, and sometimes we never come to a conclusion. During winter break, we watched this one, Food, Inc.

Now, documentaries are very one sided, but the good ones do contain a lot of valuable information and eye opening points. This one was very edge-of-your-seat and very well done.

It was about where our food comes from. It said as well as showed the way that our food is processed and 'made'. It really made Ryan and I want to be vegetarians. But that wasn't the purpose of the movie, and it doesn't only have to do with animals, plants are included as well as the companies that are producing processed food. The movie was also about the supply and demand of food (with prices and how many animals we currently have) as well as the way these animals are treated (the chemicals, the locations, and the food that they are given). The images really shock you. I had a brief understanding of animal cruelty before I watched this (this is also a topic that I know, but don't like to think about because it's so horrible and depressing), but after, I really understood and saw for myself what it looked like. It also touched on things like E. Coli (developed from the run-offs and conditions of the cows) and the pesticides that are on plants (the effects on humans). Even the effects that food transportation has on the atmosphere (food travels a very large, unnecessary amount which is harsh on the environment) and the pseudo-protection of the FDA (how really helpless it is due to lawsuits of the large food companies).

At the end of the movie, it had ten easy things to do to cause a change in the way that our food is given to us. Things like: buy organic and local or go without meat for one day a week or drink water, not pop or artificially sweetened beverages. You can find out more information here. This is just a very brief summary, I really encourage you to find out more yourself.