Thursday, February 24


Friends, You all have been so busy! It took me forever to catch up on your blogs! But, I love it! :)

SO, there really is not too much that is new. I am working A TON, but I love it. My hours and Ry's hours match a little bit better and the best part is....wait for it....I don't have to get up early!!! I am not a morning person at all and now, the earliest I get up is like 8, and that's only like twice a week. If I do get up at 8, I am done with work around one or so...not 5 or 6. It is so so awesome. I love it. I've also added up how much free product I've received from BBW and it's almost over $50. Seriously. Total LOVE.

Anyways, Ryan and I have just discovered the TV show "How I Met Your Mother". We feel in love. It's like Friends had a baby with Two and A Half Men. If you haven't watched it, you need to. It's one of those shows that there are always re-runs on Lifetime or Channel 15 on my tv (sorry-vague. shoot.) Well, we just watched one episode, and friends, it made me cry. It was so sweet and lovely. I know, it's a tv show...but, it happens, ok?


It was the one where Lily and Marshall get married. Lily is super drunk because all she's had to eat the entire day is champagne. So, before the hotel they stop at a fast food joint to get something to eat. Funny part is....the guy taking their order thinks that they just came from the prom. THIS EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO US! We were at the hotel checking in and the lady thought we just had our prom. Back to the show.  The fast food guy sees Lily throwing up, and tells Marshall that "his wife" is throwing up in the trash can. Marshall has a this is "my wife" moment and cue the tears. 

I have one of those moments all the time. I feel like in daily life, it's so hard to slow down and think about the blessings I have been given. On our honeymoon, Ryan and I decided to live our new life together with the slogan "No Regrets". No matter what life throws at us, we'll live no thinking about what could have been or what we could have done. I think this could mean that we should live like there is no tomorrow-because we never know when our last day is. 

So, live with no regrets friends!  And enjoy thirsty thursday...I know there is a drink with my name on it. :)


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Teenage Bride said...

that show is too funny!

My husband is loving his new work hours and so am I. we get sooo much more time together, alwasy a plus.

Enjoy your weekend!

Jessica said...

I LOVE that show! I really need to watch it more often.

I'm so glad your schedule is working out well, now, where is that giveaway you're going to host with all that free BBW stuff you got? Haha, just kidding. ;)

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