Saturday, August 20


My blog should grow with me. It's my blog, right? So it should be interested in my hobbies. Yes. So, therefore, I have decided that everything is going to shift. Lately, I've been into fragrance. Home fragrance, personal fragrance, car fragrance (it is such a thing!) so I'm going to start doing reviews.

First of all....a shout out to the wonderful women who have inspired me....

Ellie Pepper and Nicole at Life, Love and Fragrance. These women are amazing...make sure you check them out!

Ok, so here goes nothing! (I'm kinda nervous...hehe!)

Let me introduce you to my newest toy...This is owlie. He's pretty cute!

Owlie is part of a recent purchase from bath and body works. Check him out here. He's technically an "oil burner", but he likes tarts, too! They just have to be smaller, otherwise he will overflow!

These candles are also part of my haul. They are (top to bottom) Marshmallow Fireside, Pumpkin Caramel Latte and Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut. These are amazing and the packaging is so beautiful...but I'll do more of a review later...These are 1.6 oz each and on sale normally 3 for $5. But what I do is.... 

Put whichever I want to melt in the freezer for 30 minutes, it pops right out! I cut up the block into four, then if I'm using my electric warmer, I put half of the candle. If I'm using owlie, I only put a fourth into him.

Like so. Put a tealight in his back side and.....

Ta-Da! Melted wax goodness. 

So-the review. I melted "Fireside". This scent has been getting rave reviews, and the other two scents were to 'fallish' so hubs wouldn't let me melt them...haha. The label is beautiful and the wax is just plain white. While that's great, I thought it smelled like burning marshmallows. Not my favorite. The throw (how much of a room is scented and how strong a scent is) was very decent, and the notes (which are described by Bath and Body Works as "Toasted marshmallows and sweet vanilla cream wrapped in the aroma of rich smoldering woods") are very true to the smell, however, I thought that it would be sweeter, rather than smell burnt. So, it's just ok. I'm not too upset, I only spent $1.66 on the whole mini candle and I got to use my cute new owlie! :)

Let me know what you think about the new direction of the blog and make sure to share any good scents with me! The reviews in the future will obviously not be this long, since I won't have to explain my procedure every time....

* Disclosure: I work for limited brands, however these reviews are my opinion and do not represent Limited brands in any way!* 

Monday, August 1

Manicured {Lawn and Flower beds}

Here are the 'finished' pictures I promised of our lawn and flower beds. My last post before I went MIA-I told you about planting flowers and being excited for spring. And since today is AUGUST 1-we should post those, eh?

IMG_3070     Flowers waiting to be planted


Toby's Froggy pool 

IMG_3110 Toby loves his froggy pool!





$2 Clearance Lilies. We got two-one for each side of our shed