Wednesday, December 9

Snow Snow Snow

We are under a horrible BLIZZARD!  Meteorologists are predicting horrible roads and storms. The road conditions are so bad, it is forcing Michiganders to stay inside and risk CABIN FEVER! It's ok though, with exams coming up, its probably a good thing! And today is my day off from work to relax and catch up on errands and homework. So, since I was not aloud to go outside (except early this morning, to buy new tires...yipee!) I had a very boring day. I was so un-motivated. I got up and did homework and then took a nap and then ate...that's pretty much it. So boring. I didn't have any motivation to do any wedding was so sad. I did watch Made of Honor though...LOVE Patrick Dempsey. 

( I have a thing for guys with dark hair and blue eyes and button-ups...reminds me of someone else I know...)

Which reminds me, Grey's Anatomy is on tomorrow! Yes! I think that Meredith and Derek's wedding was just what it should be, simple and perfect. They just committed to spend the rest of their lives together and to love each other the rest of their lives, which is all a wedding is. It's a great reminder when I get stressed out about the little things, because at the end of the day, I only want to be married to Ryan and spend the rest of my life with him. 

Anyways, going to go lay around some more...haha.

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Chocolate Lover said...

Winter is really setting in huh. Stay warm and safe! I love how you linked Patrick Dempsey to your guy! :)

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