Saturday, December 12

Girl's Day

I am a horrible blogger.

I had a girls day. There are these two girls at my work who are FABULOUS. We have all just clicked as friends, we have so much fun together. When I am with them, I feel like we've known each other for years, even though it's only been like a few months. They are so pretty and confident and fun. Anyways, we had a girls day. Mall, movies, and dinner. We started at noon, with new moon. I loved the Twilight series, not impressed with the movies (it's never as good as the book). I just liked the series because they were a fun easy, read and they let your imagination go crazy! After the movie, was Maurices. I was so so naughty and spent WAY too much money, but it's not my fault that they have really cute clothes! Then, the mall. Old Navy (I got Ryan some pj pants and slippers and some comfy shirts for Christmas...really good deals!), Forever 21, Wet Seal, Payless, PacSun, Plato's Closet and the list goes on and was really fun just looking and giving opinions (especially since I've never gone shopping with her before!!). Then, to Outback Steakhouse (yum) where Ryan works. We were hoping to sit in his section, but found out that he was cut just before we got there, so we sat in my other fabulous friend's section (Miss Hannah G) and Ryan got to eat with us. Like I said, I haven't been friends with these girls for very long, so Ryan hasn't met them before. He really liked them, he noticed how well we clicked and work together (no pun intended). Anyways, after this whole fun filled day...I am ashamed to say that my camera battery was dead, so there are no photos. :( I am so sorry my time I promise to be a better blogger!!

Stay tuned though!! I have photos of fun wedding stuff to come soon! :)

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