Tuesday, December 22

The Great Search for Centerpieces

Today, the brave Fiance and I set on the hunt for the perfect centerpiece. We had started with the internet looking for pieces of inspiration and had decided on three different types. So we set out in our car to find the pieces to compose these essential part to our wedding. (sorry for the poor photo quality)We came up with these:

I really thought that this was going to be my favorite...but it's not the one we chose!

Rose with silver plate

Rose with plate without candle

Rose without both

I really liked the simplicity of this one...Ryan, didn't.

Again, even simpler without plate.

Carnations in water in small vase

Without plate

With plate

Without candle

With everything

Candles on plate

Decisions, decisions!

Ry said, "Why don't we make it more complicated and put the carnations in the rose container?"

And without the plate

I don't know why I took this so dark

Let me introduce to you...

Our Centerpiece! :)

It consists of:
Three carnations (1.50)
One silver plate (2.00)
One tall flared vase (1.00)
One floating candle (1.00)
Five tealight candles with ribbon hot-glued on (1.50)
1/3 package of clear marbles (1.00)
For a grand total of 8 dollars per centerpiece!!! Yippeee!! :)

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Stacy Marie said...

Very pretty and simple!

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