Sunday, December 6

Bowling and Parties

This last thursday, my work had a bowling-Christmas-get-together-party thing. It was really fun, and since I work at the same place my dad works, my entire family, including Ryan got to be there. It was very great. I loved the party even more just because all the people I love were together. And Ryan gets along so well with my brothers, it's almost as if they were meant to be. It makes me so happy.

No new news of wedding stuff. I might be going a little bit crazy with the whole poof idea, though. I think that I'm going to have them on the chairs lining the isle (since we're getting married outside, I wanted some color to make everything pop, but budget friendly) and then my florist said that to get your budget to stretch farther, you should use your chair decorations at the reception hall. So, I'm thinking that we could use them on the chairs like such:

And then after the ceremony, we could put them behind the food at the reception hall like this:

What do you think? Too poof crazy? They would be in shades of pink and white....

Another thing, PINK? What was I thinking?? When I originally was looking for colors, we decided that we could do the 'sangria' color from DB.

This color goes really well with light pink. It just is so pretty. HOWEVER, pink is much easier to find than this purple color. UGGH. So unfortunately, my decorations are all turning into pinks. So so not what I wanted. It's really pretty, however, it does not fit us as a couple. And I don't know what to do. I don't know if I'm stressing out about this way too much (because the only thing that matters is that Ryan and I will be married at the end of the day) but I also want to make sure that it doesn't look like a third-grader's birthday party (especially with the poofs...I have to be careful!!) I guess the idea in my mind was romantic with a twist (that was the purple). I wanted peonies and the poofs because of the frilly-ness, and lots of solid colors and soft light. But I just want to make sure the whole venue looks romantic, not childish. I think that I should just try harder to use less pink (even tho it is very simple to find!).

Ok, done venting and worrying. Time to be happy.

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Stacy Marie said...

What about adding another color to the mix? We're doing red and aqua, and 99.9% of the aquas out there are too blue or too green, so I am totally with you on the tough to find color! But if you added another color to the mix, then you won't be going in the little-girl-birthday-party route. What about a yellow, like a goldenrod yellow? Or maybe a green? I think adding another color would make your life easier and add more dimension to your wedding. I was thinking about you yesterday when I was at Macy's, they have ties in that Sangria color on sale!

Chocolate Lover said...

I like the poofs on the chairs in that photo. I think they can work but I can also see how they could also be a bit much if there art too many. I think its very doable though

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