Thursday, December 17


So, this is what I have so far for my bridesmaids:

(They all match, and since the girls are all taller than me except one, we're doing flats.)

The Dresses

The girls dresses are all different, which I love, but all in the same color (my sangria). They ended up coordinating PERFECTLY, so they have roughly the same style (short and strapless) and fabric (beautiful, light chiffon). We are going to have them shortened a little bit by the makers, so they will all hit just above the knee. I cannot wait to see them all together! :)
My maid of honor is my best friend, Stassia. She is getting married in February. Yea! So it has been so much fun planning our weddings together! Her dress is this one:

Maid #1: My next bridesmaid is my other best friend, Beth. She has been with me since second grade, and we have been through everything together. We have lived together, gone to the same college, and when we were 10, swam in the same neighborhood pool. She is wearing:

Maid #2: My last girl is Ryan's little sister, but she's more than that to me. She's been my little sister the entire time Ry and I have been dating. I've never had a sister, and hanging out with Lindsay has been a truly rewarding experience. Lindsay will be wearing (sorry bad picture quality):


I wanted to keep the jewelry simple, and all matching like the shoes. They will be wearing large CZ studs and CZ bracelets (they are very beautiful!).
(I will post photos of the jewelry soon, I have not taken photos yet! :)


Since the girls are all wearing different dresses, I wanted to continue the theme of different styles in their bouquets. My maids, my moms, and I will all be making our own flowers and decorations the tuesday before the wedding. I found an amazing little store here in Grand Rapids that rents out the studio time and the cooler room, and since I buy the flowers wholesale, doing it this way is cheaper than having a floral place do it for me (and way more fun!). Our main flowers are peonies, roses and carnations. Stassia will have a bouquet of mainly roses with some carnations.
(Side note, our bouquets are not going to look exactly like this, they will be closer to my final posted bouquet, pure flowers and ribbon hand tied).

Bethany will be having peonies and some carnations

And Lindsay will have all carnations

My Bouquet will incorporate all three flowers, the girl's will be various shades of pinks, and mine will be all white. (Kinda like this, however with carnations...)

However, all you lovely ladies out there have really changed my perception of the decorations and the flowers! Here I thought that I was being unusual with having different kinds of flowers, and you gals are making them out of totally different materials or even succulents!  I wish I would've started planning after I saw all your ideas! :) I still think that I'm going to do the real flowers, just because I've budgeted and paid for them...but if we ever re-new our vows... :)

We are still missing centerpieces, but I have several ideas...
ANNND, after Christmas, invitation tutorial...yea! :)

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