Monday, December 21

Engagement Photos

I haven't shown everyone our engagement photos yet! Sorry! I just realized this, so today it is going to change! They were taken by my friend from high school, Jenny Venema. She's amazing, very  flexible and fun to work with. She's just starting out, so check her out here and drop some encouragement! The wooded ones were taken in my own backyard, and the other ones were taken downtown Rockford, Mi.

We think this one's going in the paper...(above)

Or this one (above)

I'm so so so happy how they turned out, and like I said, Jenny was fabulous! :) Love her!
And, P.S. Ryan's eyes really are that blue...I have people ask me that all the time when they see our pictures.

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Stacy Marie said...

You all are such a gorgeous couple!

buhdoop said...

Beautiful photos! His eyes are really striking :)

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