Saturday, October 23


We had a lot of details in our wedding and our photographer did a great job of capturing them. I think she had way too much fun while we were getting ready taking photos of the little things. 

Our rings

My Jewelry

Bridesmaid Bouquet and our handmade invites (click here to see process).

My shoes and My Bouquet (done by andylou flowers)

My Hair and my hair flower (done by etsy owner ilzememories)

My veil (done by etsy owner abusymother)

I had this charm of my Grandpa on my bouquet. He passed away last February, but was still with me on my wedding day.

Our Cake. The topper was bought at

Our Birdcage card holder. I made the sign in the same ribbon that was on the bouquets and the centerpieces and the paper is the same paper that we used for the invites.

Our centerpieces and favors. Our favors were so so so cute. They were all different, but still in pink and sangria. They all had an envelope on the front that had a packet of wildflower seeds in them and on the back there was a poem that I wrote. It said:
Thank you!
For you, enclosed, is some wild flower seed, 
When you arrive home, some love they will need.
Find a nice place for them to bloom,
Preferably outside in the dirt, not in a room.
We hope when you see the flowers grow,
You think of the vows we made and the love we show.
We thank you once again, for coming and sharing our day,
Please enjoy your time here-eat, dance and play!
With love, 
Ryan and Sarah K

It also had our new address and our irave photo sharing site (btw, awesome idea!!). 

Our head table.  It had our unity candle in the middle was a floating candle in a vase.

(These were taken by me)
Ringbear pillow my mother made and baskets

Our bubbles and snow. Go here for more information and photos!

Our Thank Yous
(Also taken by me)
My MIL did these along with the invites and favors-all in the same colors and with the same stamp!

Lots of Details! :)

Photos taken by Jenny Venema Photography

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ivory wedding shoes said...

Sarah, your arrangements were fantastic, and very beautiful. Everything has been taken care of so nicely, that it is understood that the party was flawless, and very enjoyable. your dress, and accessories were great, and you two look very pretty in the pictures. I wish you a happy married life.

Jessica said...

The photo of your rings is awesome. Your hair looks fantastic too!

All your planning and hard work paid off girl! Everything turned out great.

Teenage Bride said...

How sweet. Your wedding was nothing short of perfect. You and your husband are an inspiration to what a happy and beautiful union marriage can be.

I love you guys and I barely know you!!!

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