Tuesday, October 26


Since I wasn't 21 when we got married and it turned out that only about 1/4 of our guests would be drinking, we decided to go with another activity. A rented photo booth! It turned out to be a HUGE hit with all our guests. The rental also included a guest book with all of the photo booth pictures and everyone was given a chance to sign it next to their photo. It was really cool! We even bought some props for the photo booth. We're really glad that we did it and it's really fun to see people having fun! 

My Parents...Haha

We got to make our own logo that went on the bottom of the strips. It has our date 06.11.10 on the top right and on the bottom it says 'Thank you for celebrating with us!'

If you would like to see more photos...please go here!

All photos from Shutterbooth website

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Jessica said...

How awesome, you got some great shots.

Teenage Bride said...

awwww how awesome!

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