Thursday, February 25

Craft Week Day Two: Throwing Things

Day Two of Craft week is probably the least exciting thing, but it's a craft that needs to be done and it looks so cute. It's the things that people throw at us after we're pronounced "Mr and Mrs. FI's last name."
It's actually going to be as we're boarding our decorated pontoon boat (We're getting married by a river, and our best man lives five minutes up the river and have offered their pontoon boat for our get-away vehicle and since we're finishing our photos at the park, it saves money so we don't have to rent a fancy car to drive around the block.)

Anyways, first photo of cute bubbles in our flowergirl's unfinished basket (stay tuned for that craft later this week!).


They are so cute! I bought the ribbon (which looks brown, but it's our beautiful raspberry/purple color) at hobby lobby, the baskets at Meijer, and the bubbles at Walmart.


Close-up. Two pieces in random fabrics (organza and satin) and in random color (pink and sangria). Love.


But you didn't think that we were just going to have bubbles, did you? No, we're going to have to have something else. So, we take tulle circles (bought again at hobby lobby) and fill them with eco-friendly confetti.


 This stuff is so fluffy and awesome. Love love.




I've done about ten little packages (see next photo) and this is all I've used. It's cheaper than bubbles and way more unique.


These will accompany the bubbles in the flowergirl baskets.


Another photo of both of the colors of programs. I love these, but like I said, they will be the death of me.


Another fun photo of my shoes that I am going to make into lace-up slippers because I couldn't find any plain white lace up ballet slippers under 50 bucks. These were purchased at Meijers for 12.99.


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