Friday, October 29

{What went wrong}

I was really debating on writing this post. I really was. But for the record, I feel like I'm writing this more for me than anyone. I have considered all of the wedding planning I've documented and all of the wedding recaps sort of a virtual memory. So when I write this one, it's just so I can get all the 'oopsies' out and exposed. Don't get me wrong, our wedding was one of the best days of my entire life. There were ups and downs, tears and laughter, and so many hugs!
So here it've seen the good, but here is the bad and ugly!

1. I had a total break down on the rehearsal dinner night. Like total-bridezilla-crying-yucky breakdown. And unfortunately it was in front of our bridal party and both parents. Everyone (but the person who caused it) was understanding and supportive, which almost makes you cry harder, ya know?

2. I never got my dress pressed. I called my mom on the way over to my parent's house (where we were all meeting) and she asked me if I had everything I needed-veil, jewelry, shoes, dress...which she then asked if  I got it pressed. Oops. That never happened. If you remember from this post, I got my dress from another bride who did the same thing I did, ordered a dress and then changed her mind! When I got the dress, it was a perfect fit which means no alterations. I was going to get it pressed because it was wrinkled from the mail, but...

3. My mom didn't get to see me put on my dress. She had to go to the reception site to set up the flowers, and she was running around getting everything done and she missed it.

4. Our florist forgot the peonies for our cake. We ended up having an extra centerpiece so my mom just grabbed the flowers out of that and put them on the cake.

5. We never got pictures of our programs and bubbles/snow. I have a few extra of everything so I just took photos of them, but we didn't get any on our day.

6. Our unity candle was a floating candle in a vase that I got from work when my Grandpa passed away. I made sure Ryan grabbed it and brought it to the ceremony site, but it got lost in communication that it had to be filled with water. So we had a non-filled vase and a non-floating candle. And then we couldn't get it lit. Our pastor made the announcement that it was supposed to be a floating candle and even though we couldn't get it lit, our marriage was still going to work. Haha.

7. We were 45 minutes late to the reception. Our groomsmen surprised us with a limo, which was so sweet and super fun, however since I didn't know I wasn't able to put it in the timeline. We had a photo booth and our guests were a little bit later anyways (our family took pictures a little later than planned and the friends who could drink went out to get a few before the reception, so it ended up ok!)

8. The caterers left right away leaving lots of thirsty guests. But don't worry-they left a sports cooler (one of these little numbers...
...full of the extra drink (they wouldn't charge us for water, but I wanted some lemonade for the guests to drink if they wanted to) they charged me for. Awesome. 

9. Our caterer threw away our top 'anniversary' layer of our cake. They rushed out of the center without giving us the cake which they locked in the back. No problem, we'd pick it up after our honeymoon. We went on our honeymoon and when we get back, I call them to find out that they threw it away.

10. We found out that we had to take down the hall that night. I was told that we could come the next day to take it down. But when my dad called to find out how to lock up, and they informed him that the hall had to be taken down because people were coming the next morning at 6:45 am to set it up. My poor family!

11. Ryan didn't put his wedding night bag in my car and so it was stuck playing musical cars until we got to the reception. When we were ready to leave for the hotel, Ry realized that it was in the car of a guest who had already left. So we tracked her down and my fil drove to pick it up. But it left this...

A very TIRED Bride and Groom!

All in all, we had an amazing wedding and I love all the memories we made. Knowing all of the mistakes, I still would get married, because our wedding wasn't about the wedding. It was uniting two people and committing our lives to each other. And that's the most important thing. 

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Teenage Bride said...

I don't think it is possible for a wedding to go off perfectly. I know I had my share of mishaps but you are so right it is not about the festivities, but the uniting of two hearts in love!!!

Jessica said...

You have such a great attitude about all the mix ups. Please tell me the caterers replaced your top tier... So unprofessional!

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