Sunday, January 31

My Best Friend's Bachelorette

My MOH, my best friend, and my sister (not literally) is getting married. In six days, she will go from Miss to Mrs...And I couldn't be happier for her. I had the privilege of throwing her bachelorette with her sister, and if I do say so, we threw a super fun (dry) bachelorette party! 

We got a sub from subway and chips and pop...nothing complex, but it was later at night, so we figured everyone already ate. We played some really fun games with some really good friends. All around, it was just really fun!

P.S. Sorry all the photos are so small!
Bride to Be!

Me and Stash gettin our groove on!                Stassia showing off her lovely costume

Panty game-best game ever. Stash got 17 pairs of new undies.


We played 'Crepe Paper Lingerie' since both of Stassia's Bridal Showers did not include 'Toilet Paper Wedding Dress'

Finished sporting the pink garter...

And what's a Bachelorette without a toilet paper broom relay?

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