Tuesday, January 26

The Bridesmaids Dresses...


I am so so happy with them. I would have these horrible dreams that the color would not be my beautiful purple-raspberry color, and instead they would be pink. Or magenta. I am very particular about my purples, you see, and the idea that it's not right would make me panic ( I promise, I'm not a control freak at all, but...). So my MOH (who's getting married herself in 12 DAYS!) went with me to pick them up and we had such a good time. However, the main reason we went to the store was to re-try on my dress. I have been having serious second thoughts, and I know this happens to everyone, but, looking back on my dress, it had features that I did not love. And, going to the bridal shop confirmed my fears. So, I am in search of a new dress. In five months. No big deal...it's totally doable. And even more fun the second time around...:)

On a happier note, Ryan and I went to figure out suits today. We didn't figure out a final decision, however, we did figure out what we like and what we don't. We want a suit for his guys in a very light pinstripe like this:

And possibly a solid black suit for Ryan, just to make him stand out a little more. Since we're having an outdoor wedding, we really want to go with suits instead of tuxes.  We have decided that we want a two button suit like the pinstripe above instead of a three button like the one below:

We had also thought about having grey suits, but we think that we would like black better.  But we did find a style of vest in our exact color at men's warehouse, and the pattern is very beautiful (they even have a really nice white one for Ry). They actually rent out just the vests and ties,  but they do not rent out suits. So we just need to find a place that rents out suits, and we'll be all set! It was a very good trip and lots of fun.

Any advice as far as a dress or suits?

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