Thursday, January 14


So, I have a confession.

Ryan and I have been engaged for 4 months, and we have yet to finish our guest list.

The word "finish" is being polite.

We haven't really even started.


I mean, we have the few people that MUST come, like people in our wedding, and the people who are close to us, but the others, nope. No addresses, no organization, no A and B list.

We do have a number that we want to stay around, and we did a really rough count, and it is definitely do-able, so we don't have to worry about hurting too many people's feelings. But I really think that this is why I haven't done it. All of the other wedding stuff is fun and enjoyable. But cutting friends and family out of our wedding isn't. Ryan and I both want a smaller wedding (100 people), but in order to have a smaller wedding, it means you have to have less guests.

I need help! How do I start...?

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