Wednesday, September 28

The Perfect Fall Day....and I got to sit in a BIG chair!

Today was the perfect fall day (perfect enough for Michigan weather, that is). 
Ry and I both had the day off so we slept in a little bit and started off the morning with some caramel apple coffee (local coffeehouse has the best flavored beans!).  
We followed the coffee with slowly taking our time getting ready (no rushing and throughly enjoying our day off). 

We then went to a local apple orchard where we picked 4 kinds of yummy apples, had lunch, walked around enjoying the crisp fall air and warm sunshine, ate cinnamon sugar doughnuts (fresh out of the oven and still warm!) and hot mulled cider. Ahhhhh.....
We then took a back way home and drove with the windows and sunroof open, while watching the leaves slowly fall and loving the slowly changing colors of the trees.
We then did a little bit of shopping/errands where we found....

...the BIG chair! I guess it's the largest in our area? Pretty cool.
After the BIG chair, we went to a soccer game with my family at my old high school where my little brother did amazing (so proud!).
And...I have these in the oven right now. Except instead of chocolate chips, I added cream cheese frosting. AKANKSDHF;ESFNUER'AFG.
(No words).

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