Wednesday, March 24


We're in the process of buying this home for us to live in for 1 1/2 years (maybe more?) and we really want to be able to sell it when we're finished with it.
Well, my 'nesting' mind can't help but think about color combinations. I really want something that's going to look amazing, however, something that will be liked by everyone (so it sells!). Right now, all of the walls are off-white and the carpet is teal (believe me, it's the first thing that's going to go!!). It's not very big, so I don't want to get a TON of colors in the house, however, more than just your standard browns and tans.

I found this really interesting article on the psychology of color. Here's a general overview:

Red- increases blood pressure and respiration rate. Red also makes you loose track of time and increases appetite.
Orange- warm, welcoming and vital. Orange is cheerful and tends to improve appetite.
Yellow- increases metabolism and people tend to get more upset. Buttery yellows tend to be less aggravating.
Green- very natural and is considered a healing color. The popularity will last a long time, except for muddy greens and yellowy greens.
Blue- favored by all, it relaxes, soothes, and calms. Blue improves productivity and is considered to be clean.
Purple- the color or kings, it promotes mystery and spirituality.
Pink- decreases anger (it was even used in a prison to attempt to soothe prisoners!)
Browns- security, credibility and reassurance. It is also soothing and comforting.
Grey- enhances creativity. Grey is a favored executive color and works well as a neutral.

At this point, I really wanted to paint the kitchen yellow because I thought it was a happy, cheer-y color, but now I just don't know. We are planning on having beige carpet installed after we're finished with painting. I'm so excited about painting, I feel like everything else is being forgotten about (including some big even that happens in June!)...

If you wanted to read the whole article, here's a link!

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