Monday, March 22


Unless you know me personally, you would have no idea that I lost my job a little more than a month ago. It was just a series of unfortunate events, and I knew it was going to come one of these days. Well, after a huge hassle with everything wedding related and such, I came to the conclusion that I needed to find a job asap. So, this past week, I got not one, but TWO calls on job offers! HORAY!

Also, FH and I do not live together yet. We both still live at the parent's houses, it just saves money and works for us (both of our parent's are awesome and don't treat us like two year olds). Anyways, so on top of wedding and honeymoon planning (did any of you girls get lucky enough to have FH plan the honeymoon?) we had to figure out where we wanted to live. After looking at all the options, we decided to go with some apartments that we both liked. It was about 600 a month after all utility bills (which isn't bad...). Well, this last week, we were blessed once again with this very unique option. Ry's parent's own and run several mobile home parks around our area. When we were weighing our options, they advised us not to buy a mobile home because it would be difficult to sell it in this economy. But, it just so happens that in the park Ry's mom runs, the 'on-call' night manager could not do the job anymore, so they needed someone to step in. The perk about being an on-call night manager is free lot rent. And, it just so happens that one of Ry's dad's friends has a home that he bought super cheap (he just paid off what the people owned on it from the bank) and put a little bit of money into it to make it more sellable in the same park that needs an on call manager. Do you see where I'm going with this? Ry's dad's friend is selling us the home for what he bought it for and what he put into it, which is 50% off. And we're going to be getting free lot rent, since Ry would have no problem doing the on call position (it's more for just a show anyways, and if something does happen, he would have to call his dad to fix it since his dad owns the park). If we take the price of the home plus utilities plus insurance for the first year, it's going to cost us a grand total of 400 a month! After that first year, all we'll have to pay is the utilities and the insurance, less than 1,000 a year! And, we should be able to sell it again for whatever we put into it (it could just a fresh coat of paint and new carpet) when we are finished with it. So, it has the potential to have free rent (except utilities and insurance) our first few years of marriage.  Are we BLESSED or what? :)



All images from Kentland Home Sales (Source)

This situation just fits us so much better than an apartment. I'll be able to paint the walls and make it look so cute and new. It doesn't look that great now, but you just wait until I get a paint brush and a garden shovel in my hands! I'm so excited for this opportunity with Ryan. So look out for photos, I will be posting many before and afters coming soon (since we're allowed to start the process as soon as we would like to!)!!

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Chocolate Lover said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see it transformed into your home!

My Dream Ring said...

So sorry you lost your job, that is a bummer :(. I'm glad to know that you are being positive and holding your head high! Congrats on the new digs, thats great news!


what an amazing opportunity! congrats! good things happen to good people :)

MelissaLynn said...

It's so awesome when blessings come out of a series of bad luck! I'm lookind forward to seeing your home transformed! What a huge money saver for you!

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