Friday, March 19

Honeymoon Revealed!

So, I've kept you guys waiting long enough. And to tell you honestly, I've another surprise after this one....But that will have to wait for another day.

Buhdoop, Yes. It is in the Caribbean. But not just in the Caribbean, it's in the Bahamas.
Ryan and I wanted a non-tourist trap for our honeymoon. We really wanted somewhere where we could run away for a week.
But, I still wanted to do the kayaking, snorkeling, yummy dinners, ect...

We have found the perfect situation. The above photos are from the island of Eleuthera...

...where we have rented a house! The island is 110 miles long, and generally about 2 miles across. It's teeny tiny, but we love it.

The house we're renting is right in the middle of Eleuthera in North Palmetto Point. The house is two bedrooms, complete with kitchen and bathrooms (also outdoor showers!). It's so beautiful and located on private beaches with pink sand.

It has two kayaks, snorkel gear, lots of books, beach chairs, coolers, and bikes.

All sorts of fun places to explore like the above "Preacher's Cave" and "Queen's Bath" below...


The best part is the beaches, beaches and more deserted beaches.

Seriously guys, I cannot explain to you how excited I am. This view awaits everyday:


Eight days, Seven nights all with my new hubby. 

The website is here...check it out, but have a tissue ready because you're going to drool!

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MelissaLynn said...

This looks beautiful! Matt and I just met with our travel agent today to start planning ours. Did you work through a travel agent or just set it up on your own?

Chocolate Lover said...

How gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics!

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