Wednesday, February 24

Craft Week Day One: Programs

This first craft is my longest and most tedious. It's going to kill me. Period.

But it's so so so cute.

the printing of the programs. I downloaded a template here. I love this template, it's so easy to enter your own information and print.

For some reason, that step made me super nervous. I had to wait until Ryan got home to make sure that everything looked ok.  Here are all my supplies:

Yea!! Now, this step is going to be the one that gets me. I have to cut out 200+ pages of fan templates. Uggh. I figure if I break them up, so I cut 25 each day while watching a movie or something, it won't be so bad. This is also the step that I should employ the help of my BMs...


I layer them with a solid color (wait to see final project to understand) so that way I have half the lines to worry about. After they are cut, I stamp them (look forward to seeing this stamp used a lot...I love it!) with pretty in pink ink (for both colors. The programs will also be in my sangria color, but I just did the sample in pink).


 Now that all of them are stamped (assorted number and direction per program, just so that they look more hand-made), stack them up...


Punch a hole and place a brad. 



I love these brads. My MIL (who is paying for all the paper supplies bought these and loves them so much, she said that she's going to collect the remaining programs that aren't used and take all the brads out of them..haha.


The finished product. I love love love these.

My wonderful FI modeling the fans. :) These are going to be done in the sangria color too (So at the alter, we'll just see a sea of pink and sangria! I'm going to tell my photographer that I want a photo of this for sure!). The only information that I put on them was the names of our wedding party, along with our pastor, our parents, the ushers and the master and mistress of ceremony.  I figured everyone knows how a typical wedding plays out (seating, bride comes down, vows, exchange of rings, ect...) so this information wasn't needed. But I did want to make sure that the people who are directly involved got recognition for all their hard work. Right now, I'm just worried about how long it's going to take me to finish these all, since I have so much. But I have three months, so no big deal, right?

**all paper products and brads used are Stamping Up! products. Visit their website here to find out more about their products and crafts. **

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Taryn said...

All your efforts were well worth it! The finished product looks awesome...your guests will definitely appreciate it!

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