Thursday, February 11

Four Months

There are only four short months until I marry my best friend. I am so excited, but there is a lot to do. We have to:

Finish Centerpieces (we need candles)
Update flower order
DJ-meeting to discuss music
Arrange chair rental
Meet with photographer
Find Dress (Long story, one is coming in the mail right now, one is ordered at Bridal store and one is on the dashboard if the first one doesn't work out-all are returnable)
Finish/Find Veil and Fascinator
Pay off photobooth
Pay off Deposit for Hall
Meet with Caterer and figure out food
Make Arch and table for unity candle
Figure out Rehearsal Dinner
Make candles for decorations at reception
Make programs, invitations, and favors (and buy seed packets)
Thank you notes for all showers and wedding
Lighting plan for reception hall
Make and buy tissue paper for poofs
Finish making bubbles and throwing-snow containers
Suit rentals for men
Arrange flowers
Find my jewelry
Cake order
To-do lists for everyone on wedding day (just so we're all on the same page, my family is amazing and I couldn't get married without them!!)
Flowergirl dresses
Make Mr and Mrs signs
Make 'Thank You' sign for gift table
Make photobooth sign
Buy objects for Photobooth
Ring bear pillow and flower girls baskets
Register at Bed Bath and Beyond
Honeymoon and hotel for night of wedding!

I think that's it, at least it's all I can remember now! This is a pretty long list, but most of them can be done in one day. I think it's just going to be my DIY projects that will slow me down. And, I'm receiving lots of help from FMIL and my mom (I couldn't do this without them!). 

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