Friday, February 26

Craft Week Day Three: Invitations

This post is one of my favorites. I love our invitations. My MIL generously has provided the paper, along with cutting, putting together and the majority of the stamping.  Here are some of the papers:

We did this really cool embossing on the front and side flap. Imagine a beautiful sheer pink ribbon holding it together with a scripty "k"...I will have photos later, it looks really cool, just trust me.


 It's raised. Recognize the image?


 Open invite. The actual invitation will go in the middle. You can see here where the two pieces fit together, but it will be covered by the white piece of paper that will have the information on it.


 All open, just another angle.


 This is my job. After she has assembled them all I have to stamp (see, I told you that you would see this stamp later!)


 This is the pocket that the RSVP will go in, along with the directions and where we're registered.

Naked pocket flap.

Beautiful stamped flap.


The complete stack, I do not have a photo of because I am not done with them. But I am so excited for these, I think that they look great and I cannot tell you how thankful I am for my MIL

3 thoughts:

Taryn said...

Ohmygosh...they are beautiful! I am in love with the raised image! You did a wonderful job on them. :)

Nicholas P Wyma said...

Looks awesome sarah!!!! I can tell your excited, hope your having a great week!

MelissaLynn said...

Your craft week was a success! I absolutely love these---too bad my FMIL didn't see these! She would have wanted us to change our colors to adapt this Sangria! It's her favorite.

Job well done! Can't wait to see the finished product!

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