Thursday, January 13

O Christmas Tree....O Christmas Tree

The hubster took down the christmas tree today. Our first tree is sitting on the curb outside our home. So sad! And yes, we know it's January 13...our trash man comes on Friday, and we meant to take it down last week, but last Thursday was a little crazy for us! So, in honor of our first Christmas Tree....

We got a fake tree stand from Ryan's parent's...we made it work for our real tree! Toby "helping" set up the tree, of course!

 Me putting lights on our tiny tree

Ryan putting bulbs on

Our tree...complete with star!


2 thoughts:

Teenage Bride said...

yea we finally got around to taking ours down to. i love to decorate but I HATE undecorating.

Sadie Lee. said...

love the our first Christmas ornament!

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