Monday, January 24

30 DBC-Day 21

*a recipe*

Ok-I'm doing this all from memory, so cut me some slack if it's vague. But this is insanely delicious and a good way to use up veggies that are sitting in your fridge.

Pasta stir fry

1 lb linguine pasta, or whatever pasta you have
1 small container heavy whipping cream (8 oz?)
1 1/2 c Parma cheese (or whatever white cheese you prefer or have)
Veggies (whatever needs to be used up or sounds good!)
Chicken breasts-can be omitted if you want an all veggie meal (believe me, you won't miss it!)

Bring large pan up to boil with salted water for pasta. When boiling add pasta and cook al dente. (directions on box)
Meanwhile, in non stick sauté pan, season and cook chicken if you have it. Remove from pan-set aside. Pre chop all your veggies into bite sized pieces, or whatever size or shape you like. I like to use broccoli, green pepper, grape tomatoes, onion, mushroom, carrots and zucchini. All the veggies take different times to cook-so this is the tricky part. First, you heat up the oil ( just a few turns of the pan). Then the tougher veggies normally take longer. So, first, it's the carrots and broccoli. Wait a few minutes to give those guys a head start, then add green peppers and zucchini. Wait a few more minutes, then it's mushrooms and onions. And finally the tomatoes. Salt and pepper all the veggies and cook until tender crisp. Then, add cooked and drained pasta, along with the chicken, cream and cheese. It should thicken, if it doesn't, turn up the heat and/or add more cheese. Serve immediately and enjoy!

So good and a great way to get your veggie fill! I can't wait to have a garden so I can just go pick stuff for dinner!

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Teenage Bride said...

pasta is a huge thing in our house. My husband is Italian so it is kind of a major food group of its own hahaha

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