Sunday, December 12


Hi Friends!
Can you believe that the last time I posted was in NOVEMBER? This is not ok.
I have missed everyone so much. We have had tons of internet issues lately, and it seems that whenever I have a moment, it's out. But not today! :)

Instead of going through the last few weeks, I'll just start with the recent.

-Side note: I have waited a long, long time to tell you guys about Toby (see previous post). We actually got Toby the second week in august, a few days before my birthday actually. So, he's pretty big now, still terribly adorable though!-

My baby

(Toby is a Pomchi, incase anyone was wondering. He's such a joy and I could not imagine my life without him!)

So, anyways, last weekend we went to pick out our first Christmas Tree! How exciting! :) Here are the photos!

Toby now! He's so big...but he looks so spiffy in his new coat!

We go every year to this random guy's house. He has a sign out by the road and you drive into his backyard and cut down our own tree.

That's our tree in the back! It's small, but perfect.

Merry Christmas!

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Jessica said...

Glad your back! Your pup is adorable, can't wait to see your tree put together. :)

Teenage Bride said...

Oh you three make such a perfect family! I love you guys truly I do!!!

The first married christmas is sooo special!

NuFlaiir - Planning a Destination Wedding said...

Have a Wonderful Christmas !!!


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