Thursday, December 30

30 DBC- Day 2

*What is my favorite movie?*

As you know from day one, I'm a huge music fan. I am almost as big of a movie buff. It's actually one of Ry's and my hobbies. When we first started dating we would have 'movie night, Wednesday night' every Wednesday. We would meet up at one of our parents house (where we were living at the time) and go to the movie store and take turns picking out a movie and watching it together. It was just a priority we had, and if you want to know something really cool-we've continued the tradition for a little over four years! Execpt now, it's pizza, beer and movie night- but still, a priority. Anyways, I'm a total girly movie fan, so some of my favorite include how to lose a guy in ten days, city of angels and of course the notebook. But right now, my favorite movie would have to be despicable me (which is actually what I'm watching right now!). Love it! If you haven't seen should. Asap. It always makes me so happy.

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Jessica said...

YESSS! Love Despicable Me! It was so funny. :)

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