Wednesday, April 28

Flower Girl Dress

Way back when I was wedding motivated, I chose a flower girl dress. It matched the bridesmaid's dresses, and was super cute and I loved it. So much. And, the best part, it was only 50 bucks.
Well, we got an email from the company saying that the no longer make the dress. Shoot. So I have to find a totally new flower girl dress.

I'm thinking something like this:

All photos are from here.

I think I really like the last one the best, but I'm not really sure about the bow on the front (there's one in the back too). Maybe we could see if it could come off... Since I have older flower girls (8 and 9) I kinda want to stay away from number one. As much as I love it, I just think it might look strange. Number two is okay, but I'm not sure about the bottom. What do you girls think? Where did you get your dresses from?

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Stacy Marie said...

"Back when I was motivated...." HAHAHAHAHA I hear you girl, I am SO THERE. And we aren't having flower girls so I'm afraid I can't help much.

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