Thursday, September 23

{Ceremony Part 1}

Here's a very small preview of our ceremony site. We had a friend take some photographs of the wedding site and ceremony too, and I like hers just as much as our professional photographer's photos! It's kind of cool to see the different styles too. Anyways, I was hoping to have both of their pictures when I did this post (that's why it's been so long!) but, I will just work with what I have for now! So...Enjoy part one! :)

Our ceremony site. I love the giant tree on the river.

What's in the tree, you ask? Well, remember this post?

We had the most beautiful string quartet. It was so lovely.

Friends and Family fill the chairs while....

...The bridal party gets nervous!

Beautiful greenery!

That's all I have for you today friends! Stay tuned, there's so much more coming!

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