Wednesday, July 21

{Getting Ready}

Since I missed this wedding weekend, I'll make it up to you now! Here are the first batch of photos. We got ready at my parent's home, and I had all the girls meet there for a relaxing morning. I ended up sleeping at my home with Ryan, and that morning, I woke up, wished him happy wedding day and left! We are such a breezy couple, I really wasn't worried about 'not seeing him'. Annnnd, we had a 'first look' anyways, so it really didn't bother me. Anyways, here are the photos!

My beautiful Matron of Honor, Stassia

My mouth is full of grapes from our yummy spread!

Bethany, one of the wonderful bridesmaids, looking great!

Lindsay, the other bridesmaid and Ryan's sister, she's cute!


Make-up! :)

My photographer also had way too much fun with my accessories! Here are just some of the awesome photos!

Our rings with home-made invitations

My jewelry
{confession-I bought these the day before the wedding. I wasn't happy with what I had to I went out searching and came across these beauties!}

My bouquet with one of my bridesmaids. If you remember from this post, I had all the bridesmaids have different bouquets. This was Bethany's.

My bouquet and white ballerina flats. SUPER comfy.

The weather was horrid. It rained all morning making the boys (ushers, groomsmen, dads and anyone else) frustrated when setting up the chairs and the ceremony location. We did have a rain location and it was at the same park. The rain decided to stop just before the boys needed to get ready. I have talked to the woman's home they got ready at and she said that it was shower/suit chaos! After the chairs were set up and the boys were dressed, we were ready to meet them and have our first look. But it was 100% humidity (thanks rain!) and hot out! I feel so bad for the guys, but they didn't complain once! 

Next up: Getting Dressed!

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