Friday, July 30

{First Look}

So, we decided to do a first look. I know it's not traditional by any means and to tell you honestly, I never thought that I would do it. However, after deciding to have an outdoor wedding, it turns out that there was not any time to take photos. And, honestly, photos are in the top five most important things to a wedding (for me anyways!). So, first look it was. Ryan was so relieved (he was very, very worried about nerves/anxiety) at the wedding-this seemed like the perfect solution! And in the end, I was so glad that we had a first look. It was the most special time in my life-it was just Ryan and I. Our bridal party joined us shortly afterwards and we had bunches of group shots so we had the privilege to spend TONS of time together celebration and having fun pre-ceremony (all of our bridal party knew each other pretty well before engagement!). Anyways, my ranting is they are!

Sneaky, sneaky...(through the goose poop!)


Best kiss ever! I love my tippy toes!!

So picturesque with the ducks

O! There's someone else here!


So there you have it! Our first look. LOVE.

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