Saturday, May 22

Weekend Plans

Today, I have 20 days until my wedding.

*little freak out moment*

It's great, I love it and I hate it all at once. Last time I wrote, we were having a flower girl dress trouble, but everything has been sorted out and everything is great now. :) I love it when it happens like that. We went with the last dress, the one with the big, giant bow, if you remember in this post. The moms/grandmoms of the girls are going to remove the bow and it will be perfect. 
This last monday, I went with all my bridesmaids to our seamstress to get their dresses figured out. They all are a little bit different and the seamstress actually said that she loved them all together! Yea!
I also went to hobby lobby and target to buy our their supply of tissue paper. I have been for a couple of trips now, and at this moment we have 102 packages of 10 sheet tissue paper! These are for my poofs if you all remember here. We are not doing the dark pink that's in the photo, but instead white, which will look really cool against the black beams of my reception's ceiling. Cannot wait!
Today, the FI and I are going shopping to pick up some clothes for our Bahama beach vacation! Here's where we're going, and I am thrilled in our choice-literally might be more excited for this than the wedding! So beautiful, but the FI only has one swimsuit. So we're on a mission to find two more for him. 
Hopefully today goes great-we actually have like ten places we need to go today for the wedding, which is two weekends away and no one has a panic attack! AHHH!

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