Tuesday, May 25

Beach Day

In the middle of all the wedding craziness, I find myself still having a super good time with all my friends. I love living in Michigan, and where I am, we have a fresh water lake 30 minutes away. One of my bridesmaids called me up on Sunday, and a few hours later, I had cancelled all my wedding to-dos and was driving towards the beach. Grand Haven was having a KITE FESTIVAL! How fun, and I figured it would be okay because then I could lay out and get tan for the wedding! :)

These kites were larger than school buses! So huge!

Perfect Day to fly a kite!

Isn't she seriously beautiful?

So much fun! And, I'm so glad that I decided to go, it was just what I needed! I came back less stressed and more tan! :)

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Chocolate Lover said...

Fun! Love the octopus kite!

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