Sunday, April 11


Hello blogging friends!

I have missed you so much these past two has taken me by the hand and pulled me and hasn't let me stop yet. It has been a crazy! But really really good. I'll give you the updates and highlights otherwise this would be a huge long post!

First things first,  We got the title for the house! We started painting and are already finished (almost, minus the touch ups that will be required after our new carpet is installed on tuesday!)! It looks phenomenal, but I'm waiting to post before and after photos until after the carpet is put in (but believe me, it's so worth the wait!) I cannot wait to move in with my soon-to-be hubsters! We're hopefully moving in not this week but next. So stay tuned for photo post! But here's the teaser:

I had my first bridal shower! It was so fun, and yet very intimidating. It's was for Ryan's side of the family, so even though Ry and I have been dating for almost 4 years, I had only met them 3-4 times. So when I was opening everything it was so strange having everyone's eyes on me. I really didn't like it one bit. But the after effects of all the presents was such a blessing. Everyone was waaaaay too generous!

Emma, one of my flower girls

All of the gifts

My two moms

My best friend and I went to visit Taylor University to see our favorite set of twins! It was a really fun trip, and actually happened about a month ago...sorry I'm just blogging about it now!


I also was able to meet with our photographer and discuss all of our wedding shots. Our wedding photographer is one of my very close friends and is doing a GREAT job with her newer business. I love everything she's proposed and love the fact that she was willing to take a trip out to the wedding site to check out the place. Here are a few photos (they were taken in early spring, so everything looks very bland)

The far tree is where we'll be saying vows

Our rain shelter

Where all of the chairs will be set up

I have so much more to tell you like the finished invitations and the new job, but these are just the highlights. I can't wait to show you our new home!

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