Saturday, November 28

Horsetail and T.Vs

So, these last few days have been crazy! We had the whole turkey day (which Ryan and I went to TWO different thanksgiving dinners...never have I been so full in my entire life!) and then black friday. Black friday was probably the highlight of Ryan's year (besides getting engaged of course!) He bought us a t.v. But not only any t.v...a giant 40'' t.v. He is so so excited to get it in the mail (he bought it on amazon!).

It doesn't look too impressive here, but Ryan seems to think it's the best thing since sliced white bread. He's so excited, it's actually kinda cute!

Anyways, besides that, school has taken up my life! I'm studying to become a pediatric nurse, and the semester is winding down. I also have been picking up hours at work (a local hospital) and I think that's it's becoming the perfect storm. I have not been able to sleep well at night, I just have way to many things running through my head (which is why I'm here and not sleeping!) I cannot wait for the semester to be done....I am going to take a week off and just relax and enjoy Christmas! It's really my favorite season, and you can miss it if your not careful!

On a happier note, I've been taking these vitamins for my hair, skin and nails (for the wedding...I want just more volume, not necessarily length and a better skin tone) and I've been taking them for a full week and a half, and today is the first day that I've noticed something different! So exciting!! I might be crazy, but I think that my hair feels better! YEA!! These vitamins first scared me-looking over the ingredients, they had 'horsetail extract'. I was shocked and disgusted! However, thanks to google, it turns out that horsetail is actually a plant. Silly me!
So make sure you always do your research! Ha-ha!

Anyways, I'm going to try to get some sleep...:)

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