Sunday, May 22


So....Instead of telling this big ole story about what's been happening, I'll just show you pictures.

So, I won a free make-over. It was like "what not to wear"-I had to give them control of everything! They waxed by brows, did my make-up, and colored and cut my hair (that's why the first picture looks so scary, NO MAKEUP!). It happened like three weeks ago, and just recently, I have started to like it. I actually think it was because I was in shock-I had 14 inches cut off (and donated!) and it's grown about a half-inch. I can finally put it in a tiny baby pony. :) So, let me know what you think....! 


4 thoughts:

Teenage Bride said...

I think it's great... especially with summer right around the corner!

Jessica said...

Ahh! I LOVE IT! It fits your face and shows off how pretty you are. :D

Leanna said...

Very nice! That length look great on you. You are so brave for giving up control of your hair like that... I don't know if I could have done that.

emma basilone said...

o man LOVE your new short hair! so cute! {of course I am a little jaded in my opinion haha}

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