Saturday, March 26

This time of year reminds me of....

Winter camping!

Yea, the hubs and I (before we were the hubs and I) went winter camping one year. It was cold (try -4 at night!), but actually really beautiful. I would do it again for sure. The best part about it is the fact that your water is always cold! :) Anyways, these are from November 2008...ENJOY!

(P.S. this post is a little photo heavy!)

Driving to the middle of nowhere...

Finally arrived...

Getting ready to depart!

All ready to go!


Sunsets are so beautiful on the lake...But look at the snow! :(

So, after walking all day, we make camp on a little hill were we eat canned food warmed by a fire.

One bad thing about winter camping: the snow on the bottom of your pants melt from your body heat and then freeze from the cold leaving frozen pant bottoms. And you thought that wet ones were bad! Good thing-having a hubby that will defrost and warm your pants on the fire. Haha!

Another good thing....

And another....

He still loves me. :)

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Carrie LeighAnna said...

So fun!! My husband hates camping, which is definitely a downer. I've never camped in anything below 50, so I can't imagine doing what you did. But it seems like you enjoyed yourself!

Jessica said...

It looks beautiful...and cold!! ;)

UpperBottom said...

hi, first time visitor here. this is seriously super adorable. i mean really... that last picture is probaly the cutest thing i've seen all week and i'm living with a 13 month old so that says a lot.

nice meeting you! it's probably time for you to update this piece.


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