Saturday, November 20


Hello Friends!

Sorry I've been MIA lately...if it makes you feel better I think about you guys all the time! Here's a quick post to catch everyone up on recent activities!

-I've been sewing. A LOT! I made pillows and curtains and have many future plans for Christmas presents (PJ pants and a woobie for the boys I nanny), Christmas bunting with a matching table runner and more decorative stuff for our home.

-I've also been wedding scrapbooking. I originally ordered all the wedding photos (our photographer just gave us a CD so I've been snapfishing the photos for 9 cents a print! SCORE!) in color, but then decided to do a scrapbook album in all black and white with my sangria to accent. It's going to look super classy and awesome.  I have plans to do a honeymoon album as well, but just haven't gotten around to doing it yet! It's going to look sweet though! (p.s. I just realized that I never shared photos of our honeymoon with you except for one, measly post! This must change soon!)

-I have a surprise for you guys! I'm not preggo so don't even think that, but it's almost just as good! Stay tuned and MONDAY you will find out! :)

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Jessica said...

An all black and white album is going to look awesome!

Teenage Bride said...

haha I love you you are too funny

I am getting crafty this Christmas as well!

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