Friday, August 20

{One on One}

We had an awesome bridal party. Seriously, the best party in the world. They made everything so much fun, and it was like a big celebration for us on our big day. Everyone pretty much grew up together/knew each other, and I'm sure that's what did it. We had such a great day, and some of the credit goes to them! We love you all!!

First, MOH Stassia!

You are amazing.

Bethany (Beth)!

She is a beautiful person.

SIL Lindsay

So cute, so great. 

Ryan's Best Man, Garrett

Such an interesting guy, 
we've had our ups and downs, but I can honestly say I see him as a friend.

Groomsman, Wade

There's never a dull moment with Wade!

Groomsman, Nick

He is one of our closest friends as a couple. We've been through a lot together (Nick and I went K-12 together!) and he is truly an amazing guy.

I'll say it again, we had such a great day and we love you all so much!

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Congrats! You looked absolutely gorgeous! And what a fun looking wedding party. I have to say mine was sort of lacking in the fun category. Oh well I love them anyway :)

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