Friday, June 4


I've been obsessing over the weather since we were 10 days out! Now that it's SEVEN days away, I'm starting to get a pretty good forecast of what the day is going to be like-and I'm not liking the results.

It says on 30% chance of thnderstorms, 81 degrees.
It says on warm with periods of rain, 83 degrees.
It says on (local weather station): rain in the evening, 82 degrees.

So, they all have agreed, rain and low 80's.

I don't mind the 80's, it's the rain that's going to kill us. And I don't even mind if it rains in the morning or in the night, as long as the afternoon (so we can set everything up) and evening(so we can get married!) is beautiful, that's all that matters. Anytime before 2 and after 7, I can live with!

If it rains, we'll have sweet photos like these:

Which would be cool, but not beautiful, sunny day cool. 
And we have a surprise sweet getaway vehicle that we wouldn't be able to use if it rained.
Just cross your fingers for me, k?

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